Most of us, change our perspectives, several time, through the evolution of our lives, in terms of our attitudes, and perspective, towards aging, and birthdays! When we are younger, we look forward to it, seeing it, as a desirable milestone, and enjoying birthday parties, anticipating the new experiences, and advantages, acquired, as we get older, and wiser!

Younger teenagers tend to anticipate, reaching the age, where they might, be able to drive, and how, that might, expand their horizons! The next step, often, is getting the right to vote! Dating, enjoy one's career, hopefully, a wonderful marriage, etc, are the next anticipations! Perhaps the most, life - altering stage, is having children, and how, our views, perceptions, and lives change, as a result. Once, someone's children, have grown - up, and moved out, we experience a stage, referred to, as the empty - nest syndrome. In other words, what, and how, we experience, and perceive things, change, significantly, during various stages of life.

With that in mind, this article will briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the process of aging, and/ or, getting older, and how most respond.

1. Birth, until the teen years: In these years, we are experiencing, new things, often, and learning, some of the lessons, of life. How we evolve, and develop, often determines, how we may handle things later! Will we proceed, through life, and the attitude, we develop, may be the most significant aspect of this stage!

2. Teen years through College: This is, often, the time of life, when we began, to look at things, from a more - adult, perspective! If we build upon, the earlier stages, and become comfortable, in, our, own - skin, these become developmental, in a positive way. If we don't, it may harm later life!

3. Career development: How one determines, and proceeds, throughout his career development, makes a world of difference! The wisest person decides upon a path, which balances his personal preferences and what makes him self - satisfied, with addressing, realistic financial considerations, and life - balance issues!

4. Marriage and raising a family: Parents, often, make sacrifices, for immediate, family needs, and/ or, priorities. However, if this routine, becomes a rut, it risks, being disappointing, instead of the loving joy, which may make a significant change, in a positive way!

5. Empty nest - the earlier years: It's wise, to take advantage of these years, to enjoy, some of those items, on your personal, bucket - list. Too many, put off this, and end - up, restricting their life experiences, by failing to do, what they can enjoy most, when they are healthiest, and able to do more!

6. Aches and pains: We all suffer, aches and pains, during various stages of life. That's normal, and, often, the difference between a happier life, and less satisfaction, is our attitude, towards, these! We can, either, grin - and - bear, it, or let, them, control us!

Pay attention to your health, and well - being, and enjoy, every moment, to its fullest! Will you focus on what's best, or simply, become a victim, to circumstances?

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